Guys, have you ever left a girl you saw a future with for a bit of fun?

Have you ever met a girl who you could see it all working with, the kids, the house, the growing old together but you just weren't at a stage in your life where you wanted to settle down at that point? Maybe you got out of a 3+ year relationship, maybe weren't financially stable, maybe needed to work on your own issues, maybe you were getting all this attention now that you were single. Have you ever met a girl like that and connected with her and she connected with you and then chose not to be with her at that moment?
Did you ever track her down again once you had gone through whatever you needed to? You know like the one that got away?


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  • personally if I see a future with somone, I fight tooth and nail for that future. sure, there may be the "what ifs". but I know that if I ever left her for that, I couldn't ever expect to have her back. and that's something that would be heartbreaking. so personally, no. never worth it. but there are people, especially people who get into a relationship in their early teens, who will find the "what ifs" to be much more compelling. and they may leave their partner to see if the grass really is greener on the other side

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