How Do I Politely Tell My Friend NOT to Hook Me Up?

I've had a lady friend for several years. We've never dated but we've been good friends over the years. (She is 10 years older than me.) She told a friend of hers about me that I am single and a nice guy and all of that. So her friend has contacted me on the popular social media website with "let's meet up" type of e-mail. Well, I know virtually nothing about her except she is friends with my friend. And, there is nothing about her social media profile that I can see where we'd have anything in common. Quite frankly she seems a bit "creepy" from the get-go. I could tell her not to e-mail me, but that is a bit abrupt for someone who hasn't really harrassed me or been too overbearing. So, since my friend got me into this, I want to put it upon HER to tell this lady something to the effect that I am not interested. LOL... So in your opinion what do you think I should tell my friend to tell HER friend that I'm essentially not interested? Maybe I am too concerned about not hurting someone's feelings. Perhaps I should just tell my friend to tell the lady that I am not interested.


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  • wow dude seem likes your friend has really put this lady hopes up , well since your friend is the one that stared all this you should talk to your friend and have him tell her that you are not currently looking for a relationship now or just email her that it was all just a missed understanding.


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