What do guys think when girls ask you out? Please read the question's details before you answer, thanks a lot?

Hi guys, I know this is not a new topic, I've read some similar topics guys encourage girls to make the move, but I'm still unsure what do you think when a girl ask you out.
I met him on an online dating site, then he asked me whether we could meet in person, we met few days later, then we even had another meet up, I'm kinda interested in him and literaturely said yes immediately after whenever he asked. Then he travelled abroad and sent me photos every 2-3 days and we talked, he wanted me to join him and his friends to see the NY fireworks and even asked if I can travelled with him this holiday (after NY day) but too bad I have plans and I don't want to cancel them. I'm not sure he's feeling like he's being rejected or not, I want to see him again but I'm afraid if I said so he might think that I've alreaddy fallen for him.
1 more thing: I'm from East Asian and he's white guy. In my country men ask women out all the time, and if women ask men out, men will assume that we're already fallen for them and they don't have to do anything else/don't have to put more effort to make us love them anymore. I understand that white guys are not like that, but I don't know how I can overcome this assumption. Any advices? I need more courage!


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  • I like it when girls ask me out and I won't assume anything much beyond them being interested in me and them having a plan for the date. I am not expecting to be the one to make the date a success.


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