Advice for my relationship of two months and going?

i told my girlfriend that I wanted to cook dinner for her one night. Her reaction was basically telling me I don't think I'll enjoy your cooking, I may end up giving it to my cat, etc. the funny thing is I never cooked for her before. And not to be full of myself, but im pretty good at making meals. I also mentioned that for New Years that we should go out to dinner since I got a couple gift cards for Christmas. She says she can't eat certain things now because she's fat and has to loose weight. I tell her she looks fine the way she looks and whatever. I only offered to cook her dinner because I thought it would be something nice. Is this because she never experienced something like this before? I really confused. HELP?


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  • That is really sweet of you. Her attitude was unnecessary and mean.

    • Do you assume that she's never been in something like this and not used to it?

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