Where is the relationship going? Is the age gap to big?

I met this guy about a month ago. We really clicked. But there is one massive catch. His mum kicked him out the house so he is living at a family friends of mine's house. I go up there best part of a week every other week wich is how i met him. So when we see each other we see each other 24/7but we soend most of the time together as friends because no-one knows about the relationship. So in the past month I have spent 2 weeks with him. He is moving out in a few weeks and I am not sure where the relationship is going. As well I kinda forgot I'm 14 (home education) and he is 17. He knows that I am not going to sleep with him and I made that very clear at the start and he was very supportive of that (if my mum finds out we had sex she would tell the police)(UK laws) but we do physicalally sleep together as we tend to fall asleep on the bed watching TV. But the family friend thinks it's just we enjoy hanging out or at least allows us to believe that she hasn't noticed anything. But back to the question I am going up again in a few days and I'm not sure if it's time to ask where the relationship is going or not especially with the age gap and how I live and hour away from where he is moving to and where he is living at the moment. Please help thanks x.


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  • the age gap isn't too big, but wait till your a little older, but you might have a crush on him, until he says so himself he has a crush on you, he probably doesn't, he's just being friendly in my opinion.. you might think he's giving signs but no one really knows that expect for him.. ask him if he has a crush on him.. or if he dated someone 3 years younger