Did he mean anything by this?

A few days back, I was hanging out with a couple friends and this guy I like a lot. I was talking to one of my gal friends and mentioned that this strange number keeps calling my cellphone. My crush overheard me and jumped into our conversation:

Him, jokingly: Oh, that was me.

Me: Yeah, right.

Him: Next thing you know, I'll send you a bunch of text messages.

Me: Uh huh. You don't even have my number.

Him: That's what you think!

Me: Stop being creepy!

I know it wasn't actually him who was calling, he was just teasing around. I thought maybe he was trying to gauge my reaction at the thought of him having my number... is that just wishful thinking? Also, I was joking when I called him creepy, but I really regretted saying that afterward. Was that a really stupid thing to say?


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  • It probably wasn't that big a deal either way, it could be taken the wrong way but not likely if you two know each other and were just joking around. If he wanted to jump in the conversation and joke around he at least thinks your fun. And if you like him this could be a good excuse to give him your number, why not give it to him and be like "ha now you can't be creepy because I gave it to you!" or something. My point is just that you probably didn't mess anything up by saying that, but if you do something to show you were just kidding or that your still interested it doesn't matter because then he'll know it was just a joke.

    • Great advice, thanks. : )

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  • Lying, boundary issues. That's two (2) show stoppers.

    • Errr...? Sorry, I don't understand your answer at all.

  • I agree with stercor, but it probably was much less of a big deal in his mind than yours.


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