Do guys actually like bigger curvy girls? Please read?

I am a curvy girl. Not fat I am curvy. By big i dont mean big by having a high fat despotism , i mean just bigger in make. Im 5 foot 7 and 150 which may sound like a lot, but a lot of it is bone. I dont look big, many say im slim and were surpised when i told them my real weight. I have broad ish shoulders that match my high wide hips and I relatively small waist in comparasion ( my waist measures anywhere from 26 inch to 28) and my hips are about 38 to 39 inches. My boobs are currently a 32c and I've noticed stretch marks so I think their continuing to grow. My legs are long but not super thin, I have some meat on my thighsbut long skinny calves. My butt is sort of a bubble butt, its not huge and cpuld use a bit of toning but its pretty good for a white girl. My face is similar to gigi Hadid or Candice Swanepoel so I've been compared. I always see guys with Short petite girls and I often feel stocky and kind of manly because of my shoulders and my hips. My body is similar to kim k's she seems to have a broader build as well, im just smaller boobs and butt and I'm taller. Do guys actually like big girls? I feel like I can't date normal height and weight guys who are 5 foot 10 because they will find me huge. I always see guys with short small bone structured girls. I'm sad because even with my height I can't do modelling because I don't have the body type. :/


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  • I love curvy girls


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