Should I be upset that a guy I'm seeing is still actively online dating?

I know we're not exclusive we have been seeing each other regularly he calls and texts daily and seems so interested, he always wants to see me/misses me etc and he claims that we have a connection he hasn't felt in years, I can't help but feel disappointed that he is still online actively seeking a relationship, when he claims that he could see a future with me! If he feels so strongly about me then why would he still be keeping his options open? Am I overreacting or should I forget this guy?


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  • Do any of your single friends know him? If so, maybe she could set up a profile and "randomly" see his profile, recognize him, and "tell you". Then you could ask him about it.

    But really: Ask him to be exclusive. Maybe he doesn't quite know how serious you are about him.

    If he's still online after that, you have a reason to be upset. Not really before you decide to be exclusive.

    • Thanks, I know what you mean, I've made it really clear that I feel the same about him so I feel like if he wanted to be exclusive he would say I just feel like if he was as into me as he makes out, why is he still looking..

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  • Perhaps he's seeing if you are doing the same, he could think that you're online and not so serious about him, mean while you're checking to see if he's online! Just communicate about it, he doesn't have to delete it but he doesn't have to be active on it, if he's wanting to pursue you.

    • I would of thought that but I deleted my account after we first started talking as no one else really caught my interest. I actually made a fake profile just to see if he is still online and he was active 6 hours ago. I just feel stupid for thinking he really liked md

    • Oh! I see, eek tough position, but I would talk to him about it, and ask if he's still wanting to pursue you and or other people. Sometimes you just need to know the truth