Boyfriend is always talking about women he works with?

I'm kind of curious if any of you guys could give me some insight on this situation. I know he isn't cheating (has none of the signs. He never hides his phone or is on it constantly. Hasn't shown any change in behavior toward me or otherwise). However, I'm kind of puzzled why the only thing he talks about when it comes to his work is the women that he works with. Granted, he's fairly new to this place. He's only been there about a month now. So he's still learning the ropes. He's always saying that these women are always helping him and starting conversation with him and what have you.

He often speaks of this one girl in general who he says is married and has a daughter. He says her name is Tara (I highly doubt if something were going on between them that he would give me her name. That'd be foolish). And he speaks very highly of her and is always telling me about the conversations she sparks up about her whole life story. He knows pretty much everything about this woman because she has taken time out of her day to tell him. To the point that I now know that she went to a private school in Wisconsin from ages 7 till she graduated and it was an all girl school and there were only 20 other students within this school.

I honestly don't know what answer I'm looking for here. My boyfriend is very devoted to me and he has never once even given me reason to believe he would be unfaithful. But this girl, she really does a number on pushing my buttons and I know that its probably "jealousy" on my end. But I'm kind of worried? I mean, she goes out of her way to tell him about her life and then he tells me about it. I just don't understand anything about this situation!

Please tell me what you think. Like I said, I'm not even sure what I'm looking for answers to. Maybe just why is she telling him all this information and why is he relaying it back to me? I'm kind of uneasy or uncomfortable.


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  • I think, like you've been saying throughout the entire post, that you are being jealous. He seems to have made a good friend, and people are nice to them, and that can be invaluable. I know that being territorial is in our nature, but unless signs emerge that you should have reasons to worry (don't go looking for them or everything becomes a sign), don't. You can talk to him about it if you think it will help, perhaps he would talk less about her then?


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