Rescheduling a date after he cancels?

I met this guy who is my age (21) on a dating app called Bumble. He's attractive and our conversation has been flowing nicely over the past week or so. He asked to meet up at a local bar that he likes and I agreed. When the day came for us to have our little date (today), he canceled early in the day and asked to reschedule for tomorrow. I told him I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it or not but that I would get back to him the following day.

I am not sure whether I should go tomorrow or wait until the following Friday when I am availble again. I am eager to meet him, but I don't want him to think that I am available 24/7, or that I am willing to meet up when it is convinient only for him. I want to make a good impression. Does anyone have any suggestions?

PS not this coming Friday which is New Years Day, but the next Friday.


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  • If you have the time then go! What do you have to lose, you guys are just coming to an agreement, and he won't think you're available all the time, but show him that you're willing to not make a big deal about the cancelation.

  • Push him to Friday. If he can cancel the day of, he can make a weekend date. That's how you know he has your in the good priority list.