Good second date ideas?

Me and this girl have started talking I took her to the movies a few weeks ago and we've just been hanging out since I'm trying to think of a good place for a second date that could really set the mood if you catch my drift, she's not a real big fan of the movies (I did not know that until after our first date) I want it to be a somewhat romantic kind of thing without being corny let me know what you got idea wise or some advise if you'd like I love to read your guys take :)


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  • chick fil a + ice cream


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  • Go to the beach and build sandcastles.

    • Sounds like an awesome idea but I live 600 miles from the beach lol

    • Ok... well... here's my general rule on date ideas.

      Only do whatever it is that you want to do anyway. If you are a gamer, invite her around for a session. If you like food, go hunt down food trucks together. If you like taking pictures, go on a photo walk.

      The thing is, dating is a chance for you to figure out if she is cool enough for you to want to spend more time with her, so if she doesn't enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy, then why waste anymore time?

      Good luck.