Not sure what to do about my ex?

we broke up over a yr ago, we didn't talk for a long time. he talked of being friends but i couldnt then i said i could but it was hard for him. We say eachother at a game over a year after break up and about 4 months after we last talked. we decided to hangout and catch up, he tried for weeks to hang but i was always busy but finally i was free and we hung out. we had a lot of fun. he didn't contact me for about a month, i contacted him saying how my phone was deleting messages. he said how he didn't text me but we started talking again. acouple weeks later we hang again and was a lot of fun. he said how he still likes me and no one else compares and etc and asked if i thought about getting back together. I said sometimes but i worry he would leave me again and he said he worries about that too (we broke up bec he become scared i was going to move for my career in the future and was hard dealing with my family)). i slept over at his place. we have been talking everyday since we hung out but he hasn't asked to hang. I am confused what to do i still like him but I don't know if he's using me or bluffing me. i still like him and still not over him, we had a perfect relationship, but he may be alil too selfish now with his city life.

we were suppossed to hang after i slept over but then he got stuck at work and hasn't tried making new plans to hang


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  • Forget about him!

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