Why does this guy want to hurt me?

This guy acted like he like me while we work together and right before he left I was called into the hr office because apparently we were dating and I denied everything because it wasn't true after he left people ask so many different questions that I left because I felt hurt with all the comments people were making my friend inbox him and I was shock to hear him say I was crazy obssive and that i was trying to ruin he's life at work and that's why he left yet he left because he wanted more money he later inbox my friend asking if I was seen someone and even do he knew I was crazy he still kinda sort of miss me we later find out he had a girlfriend why is he doing this to me is it because I always gave him the cold shoulder and never pay attention to him he has low self esteem I can tell because he can't stand up for himself


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  • Don't waste your time on why. Just cut him out of your life and find someone better.