Does he like me for something serious or not really?

So I recently met this guy at the community college I am attending soon. He asked for my number we started texting we don't have much in common, but I still liked him. He just recently got out of jail. And he's said that I'm very attractive, he is 25 I'm 18. We got into the sex topic I don't know why but point is I said I was a virgin he said that was awesome and that he admired that, but I'm not sure if that killed it ugh but he hasn't really been replying a lot well he still says good night princess or whatever but ocassionally. I just don't know what do you guys think?


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  • He's too older for you anyways and the fact that he is changing a little bit because of that should be enough proof he ain't worth it and doesn't have your best interest at heart, be catious

    • Yeah you're right it sucks, because i was feeling him

    • It doesn't suck , because a good guy would treat you even better knowing that information. Trust me. You dodged a bullet. I've been in your situation. You'll find a way better guy.

    • That's true that showed what interest he had. But thanks ☺