I'm getting mixed messages?

Me & my best friend have been more than friends for about the last 6 months.
He does not want a girlfriend right now, I don't think he is ready after coming out of a manipulative psycho 3 year long relationship.
We live 2 hours apart now. We aren't seeing other people, we have hour long conversations on the phone every day or 2, we text in the day sometimes, I go visit every week & he asks me to stay extra days.
He has said I love you when drunk, bought me a $130 stuffed toy for Christmas when i didn't get anything.

I love him & am willing to wait a bit longer as I am not necessarily at the point where I need a boyfriend right now, however when he leaves for uni it might be time to figure stuff out.

The problem I have is that most the time I am essentially his girlfriend but somtimes he'll call me things like mate, or not message me for a while which will make me feel friend zoned again.


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  • You aren't friend zoned completely however I think sometimes he may thinking too ahead of himself and doesn't want to lead you on if it doesn't work out because like he said he isn't ready, he likes the companionship feeling of a girlfriend however he doesn't actually want to commit.