How should I apologize to my friend for calling his girlfriend a b**ch?

My guy friend is a good guy. He never went to college and works at a small cafe. Every other week he volunteers his time to help at risk youth. Anyways, he met this girl and they started going out. However, he'd tell me that she'd put him down for never going to college and other things. One day I noticed she was talking down about his job, kinda pissed me off, but he told me to never mind it.

One day we went out to dinner with her friends and they started talking bad about ethnic people and she was talking about how my friend never went to college, which he is sensitive about. I kinda zoned out looked at her and said, "You're a bitch". I put my hand up while she try to jabber something and said, "Look, I know you got something to say, but I have a shit that's more important to take right now." That point I got up, apologized to my friend, and left. Honestly, that chick is a bitch and my dude doesn't deserve that crap, but I still left him and the reprecussions.


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  • You man up and apologize to her first and then him

    • I'm not sorry to her. But I am sorry to my friend.

    • If you not sorry that you called her a bitch then no don't apologize.
      Perhaps explain you position

    • She is one. My guy friend will just get crap from her

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  • Why apologize? You were honest, and it sounds like she is a ball busting bitch.