Been talking to a girl on tinder for the last few days... things are going EXTREMELY well... which make me nervous?

So I met a girl on tinder that is moving from her state to mine. She is 9 years younger, but very mature for her age (professional job in the medical industry), very pretty and very interested in me. We have talked on the phone and video chatted... so I know she's legit. She will be in town next week.

We have talked both about serious things and we have talked about sex. I explicitly told her that I liked to kid around BUT I do not want to say anything to creep her out & ruin our chances of meeting up. I told her to speak up (and not penalize me) if I said anything that she didn't like. She actually laughed, said it was totally fine. Although I'm not pushing it, I feel that there is a good chance sex might happen on the 1st date. We actually talked about this openly. I told her the ball was in her court on it... but I wouldn't complain either way.

However I'm worried. I have been open and honest about myself (kept it funny too) which is anti mystery. I know women get turned on mysterious men (whether they admit it or not). However I've been nothing but so far. I also explained my frustrations with women to her when it comes to online dating. This include the giant hurdle of convincing a girl I'm genuine. I hate wasting time talking up a girl just to have her flake out at the last second due to some irrational paranoia which leaves me wondering what the hell I did wrong. In fact three weeks ago I got stood up twice... leaving me very angry/bitter. She explained that those girls have self esteem issues and usually NOT because of something I said or done.

Anyway I want to keep the iron hot and the interest level high. I feel good chemistry so far. Yes, I know we haven't met in person yet however everything has been positive so far. Is there anything I can do to avoid a big disappointment?


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  • If everything you have been doing so far has worked, why not just keep on doing that?

    • that would make logical sense. She's your age by the way and I'm in my early 30s. However she has not once brought up the age difference (which I take as a good sign). I guess I'm paranoid of this falling apart.

    • You are giving yourself a headache by over thinking. Sometimes, this is what puts girls off, when a guy tries so hard to be amazing, wonderful and forgets about being the person that caught her interest in the first place. If it ain't broke, then leave it alone.

    • well I keep doing what I'm doing. However it was just 2 weeks ago I talked to a girl for three days straight. When I asked her what she was up to (over the phone) she told me "I'm not sure yet, I'll call you". After than I never heard from her again. My guess I was number "2" or "3" on her list.

      I have to stay positive. Both men and women deserve the good things in life.

  • I think that being honest and open is really good! That means she doesn't have to wonder about your intentions and can focus on getting to know you as a person. That's a good thing!

    Just be yourself, keep being honest, and keep being fun :)

    • I'm just not used to things going right... lol. We haven't met up yet so anything could happen.

    • LOL! Just do your best!

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