What do you think I should do?

Guys. I messed up. Some of you will get mad because i was 'that guy'.

I was in a seemingly happy relationship apart from a few things - our parents didn't really agree with the distance. Regardless one Friday night another girl came along after she had been trying to talk to me for a longtime - anyway, she came to where i work and hung around (i work at an ice rink) she hung around until my shift ended. A mutual friend drove us to mcdonalds - he went to get our stuff

basically one thing lead to another and she gave me head.

My girlfriend found out, shit hit the fan.

I started to date the other girl and after two months - things hadn't gotten any better so i ended things.

the first girlfriend told me she had no hard feelings - which ofcourse i didn't believe, regardless we started talking again, she said she would give me another chance.

a few days of seemingly normal texts go by - im thanking my lucky stars and spending every minute trying to do more than my best for this girl.

Out of nowhere she says she can't do it anymore.

i understand let her have her space but tell her im not giving up on her.

a few more days pass and she starts talking to me again, telling me she wants to try!

Great! I thought - finally everything would be back to how it was.

or so I thought- out of nowhere her mum messages me saying i hear you're talking to my daughter again, she's not coming to the rink, stay the fuck away from her.

I promised that girl i wouldn't give up on her, however by texting her, im putting her in a situation where its me or her mum.

I love this girl I genuinely do. Im physically sick when i think about her being with someone else and not in my Arms - I've shed thousands of tears over the thoughts of all the pain i put her through. What do i do? She was my bestfriend and I've lost her I don't know who


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  • It sucks you feel shitty about it, but that's the consequence of your shitty actions. Everyone messes up now and then, but you have to deal with the repercussions like the rest of us.
    You can't take back what you did, you can't undo any pain you caused her, and you can't make her trust or want to be with you. It sounds like she wanted things to work with you, but you blew it and now her feelings are conflicted.
    You might be in pain now because of what you lost, but you have to take responsibility and accept it. It's all you can do.


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