What do I do now? I think I messed up with this girl I really like?

There's this girl in my class and I have had two good conversations with her, and she seemed to enjoy them. I held good eye contact. She seemed to look down or to the side most of the time. We only talked about school both times. Now this class is over and I never even asked her name or phone number. I really am terrible at talking to girls. I found her on Instagram though, and I followed her earlier today, but she didn't follow me back. I think it might be possible she dosent realize it is me because my profile was on private, and she has a lot of followers. Should I direct message her? Is it weird that I just followed her on Instagram? I figured I could ask her about what grade she got in the class, and try to take it from there. I feel like an idiot because I think I could of had a chance to at least have one date with her, but I get so nervous talking to girls.


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  • Go get her number.


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