Girls, Would you be turned off if a youngish (30 year old) guy in good shape had a bald spot forming?

Loke if you thought he was nice enough and then he turned around and revealed a balding spot would that be a turn off?

What if he shaved it very short so that the spot was still obvious but not covered up?

Thanks for the replies so far... i have experimented on tinder by having pictures with shave short hair and some with hair and unfortunately for me i seem to get more attention with hair but maybe online dating isn't the be all and end all..

Any other comments welcome..


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  • To me it doesn't matter in the least. In fact, you might not believe me, but on some men, it can actually be a bit of a turn on. It's kind of masculine you know. And also it gives a guy character.

    I read an article recently about how contrary to common assumptions, not the profiles with the pictures on dating websites get the most responses. When someone looks perfect, it is assumed they would get the attention of Too many, and hence their chances of acceptance reduce. It is the pictures that shows some flaws and quirks that get the most attention.

    Might be the same with men's bald spots. A guy with a bald spot but a great personality might seem more attainable and keepable (if there is such a word,) than a prefect looking man. Hence a girl might be likely to respond more to the former than waste time with the latter...

  • A man losing his hair is not a turn off for me, i only care about the personality, personally. :)

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