Haven't kissed her yet but we are still intimate. Am I too late?

There is this girl i'm dating. She is an extreme introvert. Two years ago I tried to kiss her but she rejected me and told me she wants us to be just friends. I've changed a lot since then. Now she lives in a town not far from me. Since September we got a lot more closer. She feels comfortable with my touch (she lets me touch her face and her ass), she laughs at my stupid jokes, keeps a solid eye contact, gravitates around me, her hips are always pointing at me etc. Whenever i make some lesser mistakes with the interaction with her she shoes that she doesn't care (it was not like that before). All her friends tell me she loves spending time with me and i can see that by the way she looks at me when she sees me (also she has accepted all the dates I've asked her to).
I haven't kissed her yet. She still goes on dates with me but im worried if im too late (we had like 3 dates just the two of us). At the second part of our last date (which continued a whole day) she got more distant. Before i leave i told her i want to kiss her. She was really surprised and said dont. The day after she send me texts on facebook and on sms that she wants to see me because i had forgotten some clothes at her place. When we met she gave me the clothes and i kept quiet. Then she asked me: "Where are we going now?". She got that same smile like before and all those signs she likes me. We went to the park and just before we find a place to sit her boss called her to work overtime. I am really worried if i missed my chance with her. I need help.


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  • Just ask her out or move on.


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