Guys, if your ex sends you an email, do you read it?

You broke up fighting and arguing and you said you never wanted to speak to her again.
you have done so since, very briefly, work related.
she has apologised in her email. Would you read it?


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  • Yes, I would read it. . . but I would not necessarily feel the need to respond.

    • Oh I don't need a response lol, just want you to read it ;(
      That way you think about me and I don't have to think bout you...

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    • Oh it was a good email. I've sent a few every now and then. So just when you think she's gone away, there she is again. Telling you what a great person you are, that she was actually wrong and ow sees that. Nothing else. Should do the trick ;)

    • And what do you hope to get out of these machinations?

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  • Depends how much I was over all the drama...
    Would prob read it at some stage, definitely no guarantee of a reply

    • Naa who needs a reply. Just want him to read it, that way thinking about me, and no reply means I don't have to think about him. Sorted ;)

  • Yes I'd read it

    • Even if she upset you? And you used to like her lots?
      But I knew you would, you're a nice guy😘

    • Yeah I'd still read it
      Thank you love 😊

  • I guess I would... but getting a text from her would have been much better

    • It came with a (scenic) pic, too long for a text and I don't want a reply

  • work related how?