Can someone lend me a hand to face my situation please?

Hello, let me introduce myself first. I'm James, 21 years old and I am confronted to many difficulties such as :

- Low self-esteem
- Lack of confidence
- Public speaking
- Afraid approaching girls
- Get easily nervous in social situations
- Unable to enter the class if there are already the students sited because everyone will look at me
- Try to subsitute courses that requires oral presentations
- Go away from difficulties
- Never gone on a date at this old age/inexperienced
- Filled with acquaintances but no real friends around
- The list goes on..

I do not know what to do at this point in my life. I've become so depressive that I started to wonder why I came to life. I tried to talk about my situation with my family and some close friends that I have from highschool.

My family told me that with time everything gonna heal by itself, you are at a difficult age but everything will go fine with time. Trust us (that's what they said)

Friends tried to boost me. For example, with the help of a friend I've been able for the first to take a girl's number, but I let him do the whole text message talking. I wanted to ask her out, and he wrote for me but unfortunately she was taken. What a looser I am, I took a horrible shot there.

Kindly do provide me some guidance in such situation, my heart suffers so much that I do not find any purpose to live anymore. It doesn't mean that I'm becoming suicidial, this will never happen.
However, I'm starting to live in a gloomy atmosphere where nothing shine anymore.

I'm tired of being nervous around girls, and to have a hard time to talk to them. Tired of trying to change courses in order to avoid oral presentations. Tired of seeing all the others happy, whereas me I'm still here unhappy. Well, I'm happy for them to be happy but it affects me negatively like I do lack something.

Kindly do not advise me to seek help from psychologists or others. I am seeking for your advices, and no one else.

Thank you for your time, and your help


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  • it sounds like generally you deal with social anxiety... i think this is something oyu have to probably read up about how to deal with and probably talk to a therapist.

    • Thank you for your answer, but I prefer to avoid therapists for the time being.

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  • Are you confident about your body/looks?

    • Thank you for showing interest in my current situation.

      To be honest, I do not feel much confident about myself physically speaking.
      As for my body, I do workout and I do believe to be in good shape.

      However, I do not know what to say about my face. I do not feel attractive, despite the fact that I've never been told of being ugly.
      During high school, there was a close friend (girl) that was used to tell me that I'm cute but as for now I've never been told such a thing since probably I did not much approached girls and do not know how to interact with them anymore.

    • Can you send me a message?

    • Sure