Is anyone else tired of putting in effort in a relationship?

Am i the only one who is tired of wanting to finally find the one? But keep hitting these road blocks and it just seems like why bother. Then u wait months go by maybe even a year and u meet someone and get ur hopes up just to be back at square one. Is there anyone who can relate? Why is something so simple so difficult?


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  • Finding the one is like a second job. Keep your eyes open and stay positive, you'll find the right guy.


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  • Just hook up and enjoy life.

    • GAGers are anti-casual sex, alcohol, and any other sort of fun.

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    • Hmm, honestly, I don't really see a lot of feminists on this site. It's mostly just these bitter dudes who can't get laid going "FUCK FEMALES, FEMINISM IS RUINING OUR COUNTRY WAH WAHHHH"

    • @Surfofthenomad I see a lot of feminist lol.. But yeah I think the sexually repressed guys take over by a long shot.

  • Story of my post college life



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