Is he not into me anymore?

(I'm 20) .. I recently went on a few amazing dates with this guy. From the first time we met, we had a number of things in common and we could talk for so long about anything and everything. When we're out, it's like we're a couple, we walk hand in hand. However, recently he's been rubbish with communication and replying. He'll read my messages/go online and not reply for days. It's making me a bit weary because he's gone from messaging me back even if it's a few hours to being really rubbish... What do I do? Is he just not interested anymore?


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  • He doesn't reply for days? That does not sound good to me.
    .. but you shouldn't be overlooking into texting though, some people aren't into texting. Dating is a bit of a game I've learned but it would be a lot easier if both were completely honest with each other. If I were you I would stop texting him and see what he does. He might step up his game but if he doesn't bother to text you then you probably should waste your precious time on someone else. I did this towards a guy once during a long time, I was stupid and took him for granted. I wasn't a big texter either but one day he started getting tired then eventually left me for another girl who probably texted back. I regret it.

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