Why is this girl acting like this, but makes everything seem right?

We hang out EVERYDAY. Is it to hide her emotions, is being to avalible make her think about her ex more.

I've been talking to this girl for 2 months, we started talking 2 days after she left her 3 year relationship (red flag).

- she left me the 2nd week of talking to go back to her ex because "he had her heart", she came back 2 days later

- I took her back and forgave her then she left again 2 weeks later for her ex again, then came back 3 weeks later.

- we been talking and hanging out a lot, she blocked her ex on all social media, but I keep seeing her stalking his Twitter, she even goes out the way to retweet stuff off his page, and message females that's on his page asking "where are you from".

- last night me her and her best friend had a movie night, but she slept the whole movie.

I got go on to her tumblr and she wrote this

"I lost a part of me I will never have again, and it’s starting to eat me alive"

Im lost


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  • Find someone else.


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  • You're a rebound. She is not ready for another relationship yet. You say she left you, as if you are in a relationship. You aren't in a relationship with her. She's never even gotten over her last relationship yet. You have to give her more time, lots of it. Completely forget about a relationship for now. Either be friends, or not be around her at all, until she puts this other guy in the past. Either way you have to back completely off for a good long time.

  • Yeah man I'm sorry but you're a rebound guy for her. You deserve someone who is all for you and not hung up on their ex. Find someone who is going to make you happy.