How do I convince this amazing single dad, that I am not going to break his trust like the other women in his life?

I have been seeing this amazing single dad for 3 months now and we have been exclusive friends with benefits, had a play date with our kids, talk about our pasts and our hopes for the future, and just generally get along really well and have some serious chemistry. My problem is is that he's the most respectable man i have ever been with and i enjoy spending time with him and being there for him even though we are not commited, but he has had bad luck in the past 3 years with not only women but life in general. he's a superdad and his kid is first ( we both stated that from day one) and he is protective of him because his exs disrespected him and his kid. He can't help but push people away now and days. And i reasured him i am not going anywhere and i am glad he's in my life regardless of what happens. But i really would like to prove to him how i'm not here to hurt him or his kid. He is very important to me. And i wish i could show him that. Actions speak louder than words and he's heard what i have to say.. so thoughts? Advice?


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  • You show you'll always be there for him, by always being there for him.

    • I will do my best to prove that to him.

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    • Best wishes to both of you, it sounds like you have a great start for your future together here.

    • Thank you i really hope so! :)

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  • You do it by spending the rest of your life by his side through the good and the bad. That's the only way, actions do speak louder than words.

    • Thats what I've been trying to do. He is also divorced and his ex has been terrible to him and we took a break for 3 weeks so he can focus on his sons well being during a falling out with her over custody. I just keep trying to be there for him even when he's not sure if he should have anyone there. I can only do so much. Both of us are divorced and weve both been there for eachother when it got bad with our exs. It's heart breaking that he's had to go through so much and its difficult for him. All i can do is be patient and be by his side.

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    • Good luck.

    • Thank you! :)

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  • Just continue to let things progress day by day.
    Trust is something that has to be earned and built.
    When he sees that you are consistent with your behavior, and you can be trusted, he'll not be afraid anymore and let his wall down.
    All of this will take time.

    • I will wait for him and be there for him when he wants me to be. he's worth it. he's a spectacular man and i would love to show that to him.