Would this be a stupid idea to do? Immature?

Okay, so tomorrow is new years eve and Im planning on seeing my boyfriend and were planning on having an awesome night.
Okay so latley my boyfriend is been acting a bit distant. I dont know, thats just how i feel. when we aren't together hanging out, i feel so disconnected from him. he never txts me first or might not even respond to a text i send.. and last time we hung out, he was acting a bit weird.
so I was planning on writing him a letter just saying how much i care for him and that he makes me happy but i was also gonna mention a couple things that have been on my mind.. It won't be a pure negative letter, i was just gonna release some things that have been on my mind...
is this immature to do?
now that the new year is coming, i just want to start postiive and not bring all this stuff up later..
i was going to type up the letter today and give it to him..
were both 22 and been seeing each other for 9 months

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What Guys Said 1

  • Not immature but a little... shy. He's your boyfriend; you should be able to talk to him about this stuff, especially after 9 months.


What Girls Said 1

  • No, not stupid or immature.
    I like the idea of writing a letter actually because you can think while you write, read (and re-read), make corrections, etc. And you can express everything that's in your heart and mind without getting distracted (as opposed to talking in person).
    That's just my opinion.
    Good luck :)

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