Did me parents give me bad advice on dating and relationships?

first off my dad told me to get to know a girl and to be sure I want to be with her he also told me that he knew my mom for 6 months before asking her out and they have been marry for like 33 year I think to long for me to remember lol he also told me that women don't like talking about sex or anything like that to a girl and to not talk about myself but talk to her about her self he told me never to have sex out side of marriage and women don't want to have sex with out being married. My mom also says that women are less aggressive then men and the more aggressive men are less attractive to women the men who aren't aggressive.

Is is this good advice or bad? My mom is 66 and dad is 64 for it might be a generational thing I don't know


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  • Their advice is alright, it could be a little more updated. Being a girl, we always like the guy to ask us out. You don't have to wait 6months, it all depends on the girl though. Some girls are ready to commit sooner than others. I particularly don't like when a guy talks about sex or his past sexual relations. It just turns me off. Girls love when you ask them how their day was and when you talk about them. Some are more self centered than others. Make sure you tell the girl that she looks nice or has a nice smile. Give her a compliment. Having sex outside marriage is all between the two people. They choose when they are both ready. Don't ever pressure a girl into having sex. You'll probably make her leave. Yes, girls can be aggressive too , but no one likes an aggressive man. People don't want to deal with that so they leave. Just be careful and make sure you respect a women's opinion. Take her on nice dates and show some class.


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