When for a second date?

I made a post yesterday about going on a date (there was minor body contact, but we were touching legs the whole time) it went really well and at different times, we both said we should do this again.

My question is when should we go on a date again and should we do something different than just dinner?


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  • yeah, you should do something different this time. Maybe a movie or something (I'm not sure where you live or what there is to do around you). And you could wait maybe a week. But you should be texting/calling her between dates for sure. Not all day, but just so she knows you are thinking of her.

    • we were texting until I went to bed, and we have a bit today- we actually have been texting like 3-4weeks before we were 'free' to go on a date lol

    • lol okay so thats good. you should just try to hangout with her next time the both of you are free then

    • so like go do an activity or?

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