Girls, When you call a guy "Handsome " are you physically attracted to the guy?

Also if you call a guy "Handsome " do you find the guy "Gorgeous " ?


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  • Handsome - physically attracted to his body.
    Gorgeous - much more if a compliment than handsome

    • Thanks :)) When you say "Gorgeous " what are you attracted to?

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    • You don't stop do you?

    • I apologise for bombarding with you questions. Just a few I promise.

      Can you please give your opinion on the last question :)

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  • No. Not because I think someone is good looking or handsome means I want anything to do with them. Sometimes even if they are good looking but I do not like their personality I will not pursue it.

    • Thanks :)) If you call a guy"Handsome" do you think he is Gorgeous?

    • No I think cute, hot, gorgeous and handsome all fall in different spectrums of physical appearance.

    • How would you differentiate "Hot" and " Gorgeous " ?