Girls, what are the things about online dating profiles that catch your eye and make you message the guy first?

Ignoring the fact that he has a super hot profile pic, is there anything else about his profile that will make you message him first? It could be a certain hobby he has, or a personality trait or anything else he has on his profile.

I want to get back into dating but dont have much of a social life at the moment so meeting someone during my day to day life isn't going to happen. As a result im basically after tips on what girls like to see on a guys profile.

Obviously, i won't include things if they dont apply to me, but it will at least give me some idea of what to include :)

Guys, feel free to give some tips if you have had any luck with online dating.


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  • The things that really grab my attention on a dating profile is that the person seems to have an overall upbeat and positive profile. Seem passionate about the things that are already in your life, try to keep away from the negative.

    I tend to skip over profiles which have anything negative on them, such as "I'm on here because I haven't had much luck" or "My ex girlfriend cheated on me and lied. There are no honest people anymore." Stay away from stuff like that.

    Instead, focus on yourself and what you have to offer. Most people don't care why your last relationship ended. The fact is, you are single and are on the dating site, and you want to appeal to other singles. Write something that will draw them in and not make yourself come across as bitter and having a hard time moving on.

    If you don't have much social stuff going on, I would start getting involved in things. Not only will this give you opportunities to meet new people, but it will give you things to add to your profile.

    Try things you haven't done before but have always been interested in. This will give you some more excitement to your profile.

    Make sure you list out some of your interests. Even if you can only thing of 3-5 things, try to list something on your profile. This will give someone who is reading and wants to send a message something to talk about.

    Hopefully this helps!


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  • My tip on online dating? don't do it.

    • yeah, i tend to agree with you but I've got an open mind. A few close friends of mine have actually met their SO's online so it can work.

    • it can... but its very rare... very very rare...

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  • Just be truthful.
    I like a bit of wit.
    I've also seen people do things with ascii but that's kind of a personal preference type thing lol. Don't list things like its a study guide though. Also, don't put things just for the sake of having it on there.

  • Hot faces

    Anything funny

  • If he looks to be a down to earth kind of guy. I hate the self centered guys who think they can have any girl. I'm into the average looking guy.

  • Hot profile picture aside, humor usually piques my interest. Granted, the way humor is interpreted is subjective, but if he has something witty, thoughtful, and funny in his profile, I consider him more than someone who doesn't. Basically, if a guy can make me laugh by just reading his profile, he has some of my attention.

    If a guy includes something he enjoys, such as hiking, playing music, painting, etc., then I'll also take notice. Even if it's not something I'm personally interested in, if he has something he likes and is interested in, it shows me that he can allocate his time to other pursuits, rather than solely to this potential relationship... it gives me the hope/belief that he won't be clingy in a relationship.

    It sounds cliche', but just be yourself, just be genuine.

    • so if i were to write about my passion for wildlife conservation and my love for animals, would that potentially catch a girls attention?

      I've never done online dating so writing a personal profile is pretty alien to me. mine reads like a C. V. at the moment haha.

    • I think it's always good to write about what genuinely interests you. It's important to note, however, that it's not necessary to get into great depth regarding it.

      You can write it just as you said, that you have a passion for wildlife conservation and you love animals. That's it and that would suffice for your profile. You don't want to scare her right off the bat with just how passionate you are about it. If she's interested in that aspect of your life/passions, she'll ask you more about it.

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