I got back with my ex boyfriend, he got someone else pregnant a few weeks after breaking up with me?

He's 23 has two baby mums one of the children being on the way.

we got back together after a 5 month split. Last week he promised to do this and that for me on my bday. He lives 2 hours away from me. So I went to his area, he left me there for hours and I ended up telling him I'm done with him and that I never want to speak to him again.

He got really upset about it. And never came to pick me up so I was up for 10 hours at the coach station.

The next day he was so nasty told me he got back with the girl that's pregnant now. And that he never loved me. He wants a life with her etc

tbh I didn't understand why he would say all that to me. I haven't done anything wrong. It was him that made it seem like everything was my fault.
I really didn't deserve any of it.

Why would someone do this to a woman? He made it seem like everything he said to me when we got back together was all in my head. Like I was crazy and I've never been so hurt in my life.

He never wants to speak to me again if I contact him he blocks me and I haven't told him I'm pregnant. He has a contract phone in my name I was going to get it all blocked but he changed the phone number before I had chance to do anything.

Honestly don't know what to do.


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  • And why are you wasting your time with this guys?

  • You might have just said that cuz he was upset you broke up with him


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  • Never talk to him again WHAT THE FUCK? don't be weak minded you don't need a guy like that in ur life! Ur honestly probably his booty call and he has two other kids with two other girls! Why would you ever plan a future with someone like him. Dump him and don't look back. DONT BE WEAK.