My girlfriend is scared of me?

My girlfriend was watching the show " I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant " me and her have been together for 4 years we never had sex. She's afraid to sleep with me she's even afraid to cuddle and kiss me. She said the girl on the show was a year older than her and she had twins without knowing. I would tell her it's not real but she won't believe it because she said right at the beginning of the show it says true events and real people. There's no way she would believe me that it's not real. She hates watching TLC Channel but she has to watch it. She lives with her uncle he makes her watch it. Most of the shows on there scare her but like I said because of him she has to watch it. There was also nothing else good on. She even said that even after were married were still never having kids. she's really afraid to be near me right now. I'm not leaving her I love her I still wanna be with her. How can I comfort her?


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  • You guys sound like a bunch of 14 year olds