Guys, How Would You Feel If Your Girlfriend Didn't Tell You?

That you have an old friend that you wanted to date, but didn't, as a Facebook friend?

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year!

So, I have this friend on Facebook. We met a few years ago and only spoke a few times. He's a really sweet Irishman, whom I was very attracted to. And, to this day, I still wonder what it would have been like if I had asked him out for a drink or a coffee. But, it's just a simple passing thought. No real yearn to it... We never really see eachother or talk frequently. He's just a great guy.

So, because he is my Facebook friend and I still wonder how things could have gone, do I need to tell the man I'm currently seeing? I don't think that I have feelings for him.

Any male point of view would be appreciated. How would any other guy feel if it was your girlfriend/partner/wife who left out this info?


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  • i hope he finds out and dumps you. if i was your boyfriend, i'd kick your ass to the curb. no offense, just my opinion.

    • Thank you. I figured that it was no big deal because nothing will ever happen because the guy lives in Ireland and we both are in decent relationships. But, thank you for your honest response. Have a nice day...