She didn't respond to my text inviting her out, usually does, is she avoiding answering it?

There is a lady I work with, we talk quite a bit at work. I had gotten her phone number a day she called to ask me to cover a shift for her, she had told me "now you have my number". A couple of times we have talked at work about going to the bar after work, I didn't know if she was single the first time. Around Christmas she had said she was wondering what a guy was getting her for Christmas, I said maybe a diamond, at which point she said he wasn't her boyfriend, they weren't even dating, so realized she was single. Another time she said something about going to the bar, asked if I was, I said I might, I told her to let me know when she was going, but I didn't hear from her.
the other day she asked my plans for New Years, told her I didn't have any. At the end of the day as I was leaving, she told me she was going to see what she had going on and would hit me up about New Year's Eve. I told her sounded good and that she had my number. Today I texted her asking what was going on on New Year's Eve, that I was thinking about getting out to do something. I never heard back. We have texted back and forth in the past, and she has always been fairly quick to respond, but not this time. I had sent her another text asking about where she had left something of mine at work. Rather than text me back, she called work and left a message.
if the answer to my invite was no, I have no problem with it, but am concerned that without hearing back things may be awkward at work for awhile. My intent was just a casual get together, I am interested in her, but didn't mean this as an actual date.

So, Just as an explanation for my concern is that, as we work together, I am getting promotion and she will be my subordinate. I also know that she can text back very quickly, and always does whenever she gets a text from anyone. My worry was the possible issues at work.


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  • Just let her know at work you didn't mean to come across the date to be an actual date. She maybe going through something or still going through the break up stage and not ready to start something.

    • I just never brought it up, nothing ended up awkward, ended up bumping into each other that night. At work everything turned out just fine

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  • OMGFG, WAIT TIL SHE CAN TEXT YOU BACK DAMN IT!! She probably didn't even have the chance, just ask her in your free face to face time.