I like a guy and so does my mate?

So basically I'm 15 and my mate Sarah is 18. The boy we both like james is 16. Me and James were talking until my mum went on my phone and found out and had a go at him putting a end to it and we stopped talking on social a media and just in person. We just started talking again as mates on social media and was saying how we can't start talking again till I'm 16 cause I'll b legal and mum can't moan at me. My mums problem with him is he does drugs. I don't no what to do as I don't wanna keep popping up asking to come over and get annoying. Normally I would talk to Sarah about this but as she likes him as well and does no I do it could b a bit weird

And he is out of school / education and unemployed


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  • Weed and alcohol = someone you don't want to get involved with later on in life.

    • As I said though family members do it I've grown up around it

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    • Just because you've grown up around it doesn't mean you have to stay around it. Let Sarah have the boy.

    • I donno he said he doesn't like her and he would wait till I'm 16 to start talking

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  • My opinion would be: "For your own sake, don't deal with a drug addict guy. Highly chance he will get you in trouble no time.


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