When to ask a girl out (Tinder)?

I've no much experiences with this app.
But I guess it could be the same as asking a person out in real life
Usually, what is the appropriate time to ask a girl out from tinder?
I've asked for her whatsapp, but she said she's not giving hers to random guys on tinder, trust needs to earned. And then conversation continued to flow.
She even initiated, ''im gonna go see my senior, will be come back'' ''good night :)''
Is it a good sign when a girl ends a conversation 1st?

  • 1st day~3rd days is Ideal
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  • A week
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  • A month?
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  • Others
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Girls, any opinoons from u


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  • Honestly, it can take years to really know a person, never rush a good relationship. Besides, who said it can't turn out completely different.