Girls, I have a unique first date this Saturday. The girl's brother will be with us, what can I talk to her about and how can I handle the situation?

This Saturday I'm going bowling with this girl I met. I met her at a family party last week and decided to take a leap and ask her if she wanted to go bowling. She said yes!

We didn't get to talk during the family party except for this one question I asked because it took me the whole time to muster the confidence to do it, but for 2 hours, we sat next to each other at a big table with my parents, her parents, and their friends (they are all in their 40's-60's, I'm 24, the girl is 21). The point of the party was actually a setup to discuss us possibily marrying each other. Of course, she has to like me and I have to like her first before anything can get done. I don't know her at all, but from what I heard from them, she is smart (double majored in bio and chem), hard-working, and wonderful. From what I saw, she is model-esque beautiful.

Us going together is kind of a date, except she's bringing her younger brother (18, he was not at the party so I haven't met him) since in my culture a guy and a girl are not supposed to meet alone unless married.

I have three younger sisters, but they won't be of any help since they are all vacationing on the other side of the world right now. So it will just be me, the girl, and her brother

My questions to you are:
1. How do I handle this situation?
2. How can I break the ice?
3. What should I talk to her about (remember her bro is there)? How should I talk to her about it?
4. What are some dont's that I as a guy might think are good, but really its bad?
5. What should I wear? Are khakis, a shirt, and hat ok?
6. Any other advice you can give to my poor soul who wants this to work out well?


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  • Well sounds like you're from an Asian or Muslim background. If so, I can kinda empathise for you.

    I think it's important that you become friends with her brother aswell. Make sure he is happy and comfortable, ask him a few questions- maybe about his studies and plans for the future. Give him some advice if ya can.

    The girl:
    Ask her questions about Tv Shows, Fav songs, music artists and movies. Ask about hobbies too. It ll make ya life easier if you watch the same tv shows and share similiar interests as you can discuss more. If not dw, maybe tell her about the tv show you watch and why it's good. Or about a movie you found good, or a good book you've read etc

    Ask her about her plans for the future. Congratulate her on her achievements etc

    You're going bowling, an indoor thing, so I wouldn't advise on wearing a hat. But make sure to wear whatever you are comfortable in and makes you feel good :)

    Confidence is the key! Women like guys who are confident.
    Good luck! I hope things work well for you :)

    • Yes, I am muslim and thank you for the advice! You are right confidence is key! The thing is I'm nervous about this and when i'm nervous, I'm awkward. With a bunch of guys or girls I'm not interested in, I'm not afraid of their opinions in those cases so I always come up as confident and everyone likes me. It's times like these where I care a lot, want to seem confident and be liked where it's hard!

  • talk with her brother and the convo will go good