Do you think he lied to keep it a secret from me?

I was talking to this boy I like texting and I told him I think he's cute etc. He said that I'm cute and smart and that we could be friends but he winked. It went well and I thought he liked me. Until the worst he started talking about a girl on his facebook. He said it wasn't me but "some girl" . Is it possible he didn't want to say it was me? . By the way he didn't tell me himself he told my cousin this. Please help.


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  • He was messing with ya, what are you doing talking to an asswhole, if it were me, I say your sexy as fuck to your face.. Why run and tell your cousin like a bitch?

  • There is a chance he was talking about you. What was he saying to your cousin?

    • He wrote on his fb about a girl he likes but doesn't know if she feels the same. So then my cousin asked if it was about me he said no its about another girl

    • Maybe he didn't want either of you to find out how he feels about you :)

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