Giving a promise ring to my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been together nearly a year an a half, and we're both celebrating our 14th and 15th birthdays, respectively, next month. Anyway, he's applying to boarding school, and if he gets accepted, which is pretty much guaranteed, we'll see each other at the most once every month or so, probably less. Now, I want to give to him a wooden promise ring, a nice one that I'll make (I'm a tad busy ATM, but I will do it), that he can wear either on a chain around his neck or on one of his fingers. My question is, should I give him one? I know it's conventionally the guy who gives the promise ring, but between the two of us the relationship is pretty non-conventional, but it is just between the two of us and it is solid. I'd like him to be able to look at the ring at school and be reminded of me, especially if he can't see me in person.

I'd probably be giving it to him next year, before he leaves for school, so it's almost another full year.


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  • Go for it...

    • How would you feel getting a promise ring from your girlfriend? *if you have a girlfriend

    • I would think it's cute

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