I went for a guy I usually don't go for and I'm not sure what to do? Should I back out?

So I met this guy last week and I don't know him well, he's currently out of town

I wanted to get to know him. I called him and asked him if he wants to hang out with me

He said yes but he is out of town so before school we can

He seems nice but he is usually not the type of guy I go for

He is geeky but not in a bad way
I don't know what I got myself into. I mean he was nice and he texted me the same day I gave him my number

The guys I have met in the past treated me like shit so I have trust issues because I have met guys who started off as nice but they ended up being assholes

We never set up a date to hang out yet


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  • If you don't feel comfortable back out


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