Is there a chance for reconciliation?

My now ex-girlfriend just broke up with me on Monday. She said she needs her space and that she can't do a serious relationship right now because of excess baggage from a previous 3 year stint with a dude that ended more than two years ago. Apparently he treated her pretty badly, wouldn't let her hang out with friends or go out. When we first started dating I told her I didn't date party girls, I have change my mind since, she is a party girl, I told her I didn't really know any better and that it doesn't bother me anymore, she won't believe me. I also mentioned a few times that it bothered me when she went out because I was worried about her safety (she has had some bad situations happen to her in bars). She also has a lot of guy friends and I had initially told her I wasn't cool with that, however, I have grown to be okay with her having a lot of guy friends and going out, it is okay now. She is holding a lot of stuff against me that I said in the beginning that I have grown to accept and be okay with. I asked he if it bothered her that I didn't go out to the bars with her and she said that has nothing to do with it. We are both in love, or thought we were I guess. She said she still loves me and has feeling for me. She said that she feels really guilty and pressured when she goes out to bars and hangs with her friends that I am not a fan of but I told her that I want her to be happy and have fun and that I am okay with it. She won't believe me, even though its the honest truth. The night she broke up with me I told her I had a v day gift I would still like to give her on v day and asked if we could see each other for a bit, even if its just for a few hours, doesn't have to be the whole day. She said okay and I asked when I could call her to schedule a time and she checked her work schedule and told me when. I said I would call her. Now I have a bunch of people telling me just to write her a card and give her the gift and deliver it to her at her work before v day and tell her its probably not the best idea to see her on v day. I haven't called her or talked to her since she broke up with me, she hasn't called or talked to me either. She said she is really scared. Our relationship moved pretty fast and that could be part of this. What would you guys recommend? What do you think is going through her head? Do I have a chance to get back with her?


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  • Right now just leave her alone give her some space this girl needs to do a lot of thinking with herself. I know you want to get back with her and see her but do keep in mind that it's for the best that you don't see her on vday. If she is not communicating with her it's because she isn't ready.

  • Sorry for the error in my last sentence

    what I meant to say is that:

    If she is not communicating with you its because she isn't ready.


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