Not sure if I am insane or if he actually likes me and wants a relationship. Really would appreciate some objective advice?

This guy, we have been friends for almost a year and friends with benefits for 6 months. The first time we hooked up, sans sex, he started it and then I informed him the next day we were just friends, he then messaged me for 2 weeks like everyday and we hung out once and I remember him telling me that "he thinks the best relationships are the ones that start as hooking up and being friends" anyways after those 2 weeks I got VERY drunk and just got on top of him and yep. The next day I told him we should be friends with benefits because obviously we would hook up again. Also I was leaving in 2.5 months to study abroad and then after that we would just be friends. So it started out great but eventually he got weird and we argued and ended things so I started seeing someone else then right before I left we ended up hooking up again, he apologized, and wanted to get back together. The first 2 weeks I'm gone he doesn't talk to me at all so I decide to end things with him. Eventually we started talking again and would FaceTime and it started with me messaging him more but it ended with him messaging me more and wanting to FaceTime.

While I was gone we both hooked up with different people, him it was one weekend, me I was sort of talking to the guy. Anyways he has told me that "he wants me and only me, he swears" and that he "likes me for me much more then he enjoys the sex" and that he wants me to stay over sometimes because he enjoys being by me. Anyways the other day we hooked up then didn't talk for a few days before inviting me to hang out and he like actually just wanted to hang out. Like cuddle and watch tv. I just am confused, I think he likes me and wants more and all my friends think that as well, well actually they thought he liked me a while before we hooked up. They thought we acted like we were already together. I don't know I just don't want think he wants more if he doesn't.

He he does get jealous of other guys and knows I also get jealous.


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  • Ask him what he wants.

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