Boyfriend and I invited to his ex girlfriends NYE party, help?

My boyfriend and I were invited to his ex girlfriends party for New Years Eve; however, they had a messy break up and they are somehow close again. Let me backtrack a little and give you a quick story, my boyfriend and I got together a year ago, and it's been over a year since they broke up. They dated for 3.5 years, and he's told me things about her like she holds grudges, she hates distance, and she can't stop flirting. Well, they saw each other before Christmas at some party their mutual friend was having. He is now friends with her and her new boyfriend, he told me to become friends with her and get to know her. So now I have to go to this party, I even asked if he wanted to go, he said only if I wanted to, so the nice person that I am I said "sure, why not?" Now it's a few hours before the party and I am starting to wonder how we will act around me since I will be going with him. All of their friends will be there, which scares me because I've never met any of them. Advice?


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  • Just be cool about it gurl, be friendly get to know people. Get him to introduce you. I'll say the best way for a confidence boost is to let his friends know that you guys are together :)


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  • Wow that's really nice of you lol. but i think being confident and focus on knowing his friends including his ex could be the best way, just show how nice and generous you are to win everybody's heart. Just take it as meeting new classmates! Good luck and happy new year!