Girls, do you get mad if your boyfriend checks out other girls but know he won't do anything but that?


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  • Most girls I have known do get mad or jealous if their boyfriend checks out other women, especially if the girl looks different. It doesn't bother me if my SO looks at another woman - he's only human - but if it starts affecting our relationship then it does start to bother me. My grandfather used to say it's ok to get your appetite elsewhere as long as you eat at home - I think that is pretty true.

    • Wow your grandfather is a wise man thats an awesome quote.

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    • Yes i am thanks for asking, im in a better relationship now. But i have the same group if friends with my ex so i still hear a bunch of things about her. But i try to ignore it as much as possible

    • That's great you have moved on ok. Yeah, you can only ignore it - hopefully she will move on soon too.

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  • i dont get mad i get jealous but i dont say anything i keep it to myself plus im pretty obsessed with my appearance that whenever that happens i need to workout or i need to wear more makeup i dont know i just worry to much of loosing him..

    • Didn't really think all of that can be run through my girlfriend mind. I really have to take that into consideration. Thank you for you perspective.

  • Would you care if your girlfriend checked out another guy with a bigger dick, a better car and better personality.

    • Another guy no, if no intentions are thier. I would never cheat on my girl. Took it a little extreme.

    • Well I mean you're looking for a reason too lol

  • I'm offended by the fact taht he sees someone else besides me
    Why would he look at someone else if I'm there? He already has the best view why miss that view for another?