He hangs out with other couples without me!!?

Ok here goes: recently my boyfriend of 5 years met this guy at work and is starting a business with him. His friend has a girlfriend the same age as me and wants us to get to know each other. Well both my boyfriend and his friend starting building something at his friends house and its a project that takes a couple days and it would take a lot of our time together away, but I knew he was just going over there to work, so I just let him be. He said this project was only going to take 2 days, but its been almost 2 weeks and he goes there everyday. Just 2 days ago, he invited me over there to watch them work and his friends girlfriend would be there so I would have company. I then found out he wasn't working the whole time he said he was and was socializing and drinking with them. That's why the project was taking forever. Well his buddies girlfriend invited us over today for a bbq and we agreed, but just a few mins ago he said no I'm just working you don't need to come with me everywhere and grabbed his guitar and left. What do I do?

he knew I wanted to go to the bbq, we were both invited, and the reason why he brought his guitar is because after they are done working they are jammin and having the bbq. We had all planned this and I don't know but his friends little sister likes teasing my boyfriend and I think she likes him, but im not too sure. I trust him not to cheat, but I don't know why he's excluding me from everything now. Please help!


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  • Its good that you trust him. Its also good that he wants you and his friends girlfriend to become friends. It does sound a little bit weird that he canceled the BBQ plans but don't worry too much about it right now. Hopefully you eventually get to spend some time over there and you will meet everyone and feel better. I also hope that while he's out having his guy time with this new friend you're not doing nothing. You should definitely go out and see your friends- have some fun of your own! Its easy to get wrapped up wanting to be with each other all the time but having an independent social life is definitely necessary.


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