What are my chances and how to approach?

There's this stoner in school that I like we share two classes but I'm weird and haven't been in a relationship yet and he's cool and popular with girls Basically we're in different world He's in the basketball team, loves music, plays the bass and does weed (I don't mind) I'm into manga, anime, marvel, gaming and occasionally cosplay He's really cute with an adorable smile and I'm braces clad bespectacled pale skin plain black hair On the bright side we talk and he steals my food (ok I'm not sure that's good but he always smiles when he does that - I demand my food back and we eat together) so where is this going


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  • Its all about confidence.

    • I actually asked him if he wanted eat together and he said yes but I'm worried I might screw things up

    • Just be yourself if he said yes he most likely is interested also. He might be feeling the same exact way as you.

    • Ok thanks

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