I missed up bad.. How to get him back?

I'll make it short.. I met a guy online he is cute and good with me but by trying to protect myself from getting hurt and want to make sure his feelings towards me were true before telling him mine I pushed him away by keeping question him and nag about why he is busy and all this stuff.. And he pushed me by keeping his annoyance about me keep asking and acting busy

Does being honest help get him back or he's no longer intersted?

And should I do?

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  • Just say sorry and explain why u acted that way. Tell him how you feel and see what happens. If he has feelings then he'll go e it a go but if he doesn't then at least you'll know hope it goes well for you and a new year and new start tomorrow :-)

    • I did but he was out with his friends and I sent him that I didn't mean it was too honest but he said we'll talk when get back and he didn't till now but he said he isn't mad anymore.. but why he doesn't talk till now yet or answer me

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    • Thanks.. Happy New year for you :)

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  • Is this why women really annoy the man? To protect her feelings? I'm not going to answer your poll because what you did was just... not necessary to do in the first place. Why the hell would you handle this situation by annoying him? That's something that a high school girl would do. Sorry for sounding rude but this is a reason why I just don't understand women.
    He doesn't owe all of his time to you, chill out. So he told you what he thought about you, that doesn't necessarily mean you need to "push him away" by questioning him and nagging him. Like wtf? How about just simply saying "That's cool you feel that way about me. I like how you can show your feelings. I personally need more time before I can admit that to someone." or something very similar... God almighty!

    • I don't usually nag about it this.. but he was so fast forward and he make me scared and don't forget that I met him online so I'm not used to this.. And he get pissed off when I don't say I love you back and I tried to explain it the way you said it ,, but then he started acting busy :/

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  • I think that you've lost this opportunity, so time to move on.. Lesson learnt perhaps.

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