How to approach?

I asked a guy I like if he wanted to grab a bite to eat together and he said yes now
do I consider this a date? Was it a mistake to approach first? Are we eating together as friends?
Also if this is a date what do I do?


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  • It depends.
    I've gone to get lunch with my crush but I doubt she'd consider it a date.

    It just depends how you both define it.

  • it's still not a date.
    nope, it was great and confident move.
    yup, you are still friends.
    this is not a date just relax and get to know each other.

    p. s. if he took it as a date then obviously he liked you.
    have fun

    • I'm the one who asked him but he insists on paying for whatever we're going to eat (ah any particular reason for this)

    • some guys think it is more courteous to pay for a girl, but maybe he is doing it specially for you, in which case he is into you, anyways just dig in for the free meal tonight and be sure that you have a rocking new year celebration.
      p. s. in case you are still wondering, it's not a date since none of you have the idea why the later accepted the hangout

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